Mat Systems

General Overview

We offer DURA-BASE composite mat system to support drilling operations in remote areas in Indonesia where road access is limited. Our product has been the leader in temporary road and job site technology for over 10 years.

The mats work on top of a sub-grade, no matter how soft or water-saturated the ground is beneath them. Other applications include handling road in mining industry and infrastructure projects in remote areas.
SAS maintains a large stock of mats in Indonesia for rental, and we also provide installation, repair and maintenance services.

  • Stable Base of Operations outlasting any conventional ground cover or mat system
  • No environmental impact, as opposed to wood
  • A system which can be removed, cleaned and reused consistently for over 20 years, with a Guaranteed Operational Life of 10 Years.
  • A stable, uniform surface with built in tread pattern to provide consistent traction to personnel and equipment
  • Ample spreading of heavy loads to ensure minimal ground impact and displacement

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